why is my period late and really light for Dummies

Emma122180 It produced me feel just a little much better to know that I am not alone having this predicament, but It's going to be a great deal extra superior to know if all of us listed here will shortly post our achievements stories of conceiving and never the our common difficulties that are getting worse. I am 29 and we try to have our 1st baby for almost two years presently but nevertheless unsuccessful. It absolutely was Feb.2007 when I used to be diagnosed with PCOS and my OB suggested me to take Diane BC. After eight months, it absolutely was proven in my ultrasound that it's getting crystal clear and advised me to take four far more sets of Diane to entirely apparent my PCOS. Without having my ultrasound, I stopped taking my BC, pondering that it had been crystal clear.

Lots of individuals normally takes nearly two years to obtain pregnant. Are you currently viewing an OBGYN that makes a speciality of fertility? Did they ever uncover the reason for irregular periods? Underactive thyroid? Endometriosis? adhesions? over excercising? 2nd viewpoints are always a great factor as Medical professionals are human.

SimarNavsim Hello there everyone,m struggling same issue.I'd ma period on 5 April..I'd a test which claims I did ovulate but not preg...doc advised me I 'll get my period of course...it's six th of may well no periods...preg test negative...wa on clomid...so confused

Not pregnant and also the Medical professionals don't know what to say other than "get anther test, you happen to be probably pregnant" do they know how highly-priced They're?? Kats09 did it exercise for you personally in the long run? Em ..demonstrate

BethnDC I way too am dealing with this as well.  Took Clomid 50 mg on day 5 of my last period, negative blood test, negative hpt, and still no period.  My doc just gave me Prometrium to carry over a period and then intending to one hundred mg of Clomid.

  On day 2 from the Prometrium and praying that I bleed rapidly so I  can go on spherical two.  My son was conceived making use of Clomid fifty but this period skipping issue never occurred.  Very Odd to me way too, but glad I'm not by itself. ..demonstrate

Stide My spouse and I are heading thru a similar matter and its so aggravating, I really need to know if any of the above mentioned pple received any good news probably I might feel comforted. Its just so bad, u get all the proper indicators, even that implantation bleeding a negative test. Sigh! I am supplying up.

Randlesfavorite I took clomid 50mg and ovulated on cd 21 and now it's twenty days after ovulation and I still have no period what is usually the problem I took urine came again neg

Emma122180 It produced me feel just a little far better to know that I'm not by yourself having this circumstance, why is my period late after losing virginity but It'll be quite a bit extra better to know if all of us in this article will quickly article our achievements stories of conceiving instead of the our typical issues which can be getting worse. I'm 29 and we try to have our 1st baby for almost two years currently but nonetheless unsuccessful. It was Feb.2007 when I used to be diagnosed with PCOS and my OB suggested me to just take Diane BC. After 8 months, it was proven in my ultrasound that it's getting obvious and suggested me to take four a lot more sets of Diane to completely very clear my PCOS. Without having my ultrasound, I finished taking my BC, imagining that it had been clear.

spencer126 Hi everyone, jus thought i Allow u fellas know that I'm not pregnant, blood test came back negative even though i had two favourable HPT. My Dr. has informed me to stop taking the progesterone suppositories and after three days i would have a period, then i have to go back to the Business office on day 3 of my period and do ultrasound and blood test. Okay so given that am new to this Visit This Link fertility matter and tryna conceive i have a complete number of queries to question my dr.

  I'm wonder what is going on and if I am able to get pregnant in the least.  You might be luckier than me 'bring about you are able to discuss with your doc.  My doctor is going on a private leave and he or she won't be back right until March 2008 and her companion wouldn't consider me.  I don't know how to proceed now...but I hope you will get pregnant quickly.

vickib2236 Hi there Wondering if anyone could assist me, Please? im going mad! i havent experienced any periods given that stopping the pill in July 09.

As i examine from former remark earlier mentioned that you might not or might have a period after takin Clomid even if you are not preggas, i find this very confusing, if you ovulated and you also have sex the time the dr says and You aren't preggas then exactly where the d egg go? if you didnt have a period Bizarre I need to say. hmmm confused/dont entirely comprehend this. great luck to us all who will be tryna conceive, keep the religion ya'all.

BabyKat2009 I know this is very old. But I just needed to throw my Tale to the blend because often I see that men and women don't come back again and say what transpired to them. Here's my story. I've been TTC for six months on 6 months of Clomid 50g (no known problems YET - Dr. set me on it to regulate my long cycles). I bought lots of Unwanted effects - I'v had horrible dryness, problems, very hot flashes, and no sexual intercourse generate. However, the ovulation predictor kits (OPKs) would come again constructive every month, and every month I might get my period fourteen-sixteen days later, like clockwork. Until eventually now. On my last blog here cycle of Clomid. I'm now on cycle working day (CD) 54, and I'm 33 days previous ovulation (dpo). I really should have gotten my period close to July 1st 2010, and since nowadays is the 21st of July, you are able to see I'm quite late.

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